REG’D Pain Mail

DescriptionI recieved my first REG’D a while back from StarryLock and really enjoy it. This is not the lock from Starry. This REG’D was broken, I fixed it and made it hopefully a little better and even more fun.
CreatorMy name is Panda-Frog and this is my 4th Challenge Lock. I also run this website. You can find me on Discord (PandaFrog#4420) or Youtube.
About the CLThis is a REG’D U.S. Mail Lock with the code “S” which means it was probably produced after 1971. It is a standard pin tumbler lock. You might need a longer pick to reach them. REG’D has only 3 pins.

Work done:
– fixed the lock to make it useable again
– created a custom cut key
– modified all 6 pins (3 key and 3 driver pins)
– polished the brass lock to make it look nice and shiny
– created and printed a new counting wheel (not counting anymore)

Waiting for:
– Special Box
– Logbook
– Brass screw
LockpickerCreated and first picked by me (Panda-Frog).
Youtube: Link

Picker 1: Starrylock – no open
Picker 2: JackFox – open
LocationBuilder: Switzerland
1st Picker: USA
2nd Picker: USA

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Author: PandaFrog

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