Author: Freediver72


The F15 is know for its air superiority! It pus up one tough fight. In that spirit, this lock was buil to put up a good fight!

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One Rough American

With a colorful and decorative outside it holds a rough and challenging core.

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Great depths bring great pressure. Getting back from such depths is a great feat. This lock is built to be an advanced blue belt lock (A DEEP Blue belt you might say) the third ocean themed CL (along with Honu and Kai) I have built

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ytilauD (Duality backwards) The mirror twin of Duality. This is the third challenge box in the in the lock share project by JoePicks and myself. This box was made to go to Australia, from there ho knows where she will travel to!

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One of two lock share boxes for the LPU. The box contains two challenge locks. The box is used to share a lock with the next person who receives it. The idea is to send the next person a lock that will help them grow or a lock to aspire to.

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It’s a race to get this lock picked around the world… Ready? Set… GO!

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Kai (Ocean)

This lock was designed to enjoy, NOT to make you want to launch it from the top of Diamondhead into the Kai

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My first KiK CL. Learned a bit making it. The artwork is the most special thing about this lock.

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