Author: GilliGainz

Kitchen Sink

This was a bit of a test lock for a bunch of ideas I had, I put in everything but the kitchen sink

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Here is my first attempt at rattlesnake pins, mixed with the countermilling it is quite a tough pick!

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Double Double

I got this Whitco screen door lock free from a locksmith, it had terrible tolerances so I originally used it to practice countermilling. It was sitting in front of me today and I thought, maybe I’ll just mess around with making some barrel spools. They turned out alright, I think I went a bit deep and the middle part of the barrel wasn’t wide enough but they grab the milling nicely! I have the easier FUN side with a mix of pins I was just messing around with. And the F#*K side has all barrels and torpedoes with matching countermilling, not fun.

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This is my first attempt at making gin bottle spools with matching countermilling. I think it went pretty well

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The Pub

It started as a Master Lock 410 that I 3d printed a body for and made all new driver pins.

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