Author: Lans Spykey


Incognito is a 6 pin Schlage based lock filled with some fun challenges.

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Ranni’s Defense

Ranni’s Defense is a Russwin based 6 pin lock filled with a bunch of unique challenges.

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It’s Alive!

This CL is designed to be a midlevel difficult lock that’s based off of a Schlage kik lock. It is a nod to Frankenstein’s monster as I’ve used some old altered challenge pins from previous lock builds to create it.

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This is a dimple challenge lock based on a GAAB half cylinder. It is a nod to 221B Baker St. and Sherlock Holmes, as well as it’s the first dimple CL created by LanSpyKey

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Dante’s Revenge

This lock is designed off of a kik Russwin keyway with 6 chambers. It is created to be the hardest CL to date from Lanspykey and is a nod to the struggles of the Count of Monte Cristo and his revenge against the people who falsely imprisoned him.

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In Plain Sight

This is a challenge lock built from a Schlage Everest, it has 6 pins and a check pin.

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This CL was created as the first by LSK as a requirement for a blue belt request

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