Author: Kaz Brekker


5-pin based on American Lock 1100. Five modded key pins, and five modded driver pins. Undermilling and overmilling on three, and rifling on two chambers of the core.

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8-pin CL based on Abus 76/40 LOTO

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Mods to all 6 key and driver pins. Countermilling including some with undermilling, and some with rifling.

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Organ Donor

5 pin lock with varying diameter pins, varying diameter chambers. All pins are scratch made, including two pin-in-pin designs. Three chambers are threaded.

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I wanted to see if I should make a decent CL out of this style of 6 pin Brady LOTO. Each pin has had inner and serrations added.

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6 Pin CL to practice some different counter milling techniques.

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AMA – Against Medical Advice

Four pin CL in a small package. Over milling and counter milling. Mods to one Driver pin and three of the key pins. Beveled the keyway to try to make tensioning more difficult. Engraved name.

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Second CL, trying to build off of lessons learned while still making for a good experience for the picker.

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