Author: PandaFrog


Schlage mortise cylinder with modified drivers and a couple modifications to the drivers

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Egg-shaped Torture

I wanted to see what rounder pins would do in a CL.

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petit laitón (the smallest challenge padlock)

This is the smallest challenge padlock in the world. Base is a KASP 12515. Same size as the ABUS 65/15. This challenge lock is not supposed to be hard.

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Seasons change, people live and die, locks get picked. Zen.

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RINZ 1.0

The lock is called Rinz, named after a college of the creator who gifted him this lock. Rinz is a really tough guy, being a marine-veteran and a fire-fighter, as well as being a coach for kids suffering addiction and severe behavioural disorders. This lock goes out to him. I hope the lock is as hard and fun as he is.

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