Author: PeaceWeapon

Hanging Balls

Use your pick to fondle my hanging balls.

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Oppan €uro Style

I hate picking Euro style. And I’m from Europe. So I figured the rest of the world should feel the pain too. So I made it so that this challenge lock could only be picked Euro Style. Also, beware using the bottom of keyway as leverage point…

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Tale of Two Elves

FAB stock lock, modified original pins and some made from brass rod.

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Izzi Pizzi

Despite the apparent complexity of the pins and plug modifications, it was made to be “izzi”ly pickable by an intermediate challenge lock picker, and still be fun. Might be easier than what it was made to be, though…

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Le Raton

This Challenge Lock was made per request for a member of the Lockpickers United community, a french locksmith with the username “Raton” (raccoon). Thought making a lock mimicking the name and appearance of a Raccoon would be fun. Unfortunately, I got too excited and may have made this too difficult to pick… We’ll see…

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DOMt DARE – Doubt, Dread, Despair

This Challenge Lock Set was created for the 2022 Lockpickers United Raffle, as part of a pot that includes material to make challenge locks.

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Angry Pimple

A tiny 4 pin dimple challenge lock. It will watch your picking attempt with threatening rage.

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Marc 6

Being the 6th challenge lock in my portfolio, I decided to stray from the good quality base lock (like the previous Corbin, Wilka, Gege and Lockman) and use a medium low quality of cylinder, with average tolerances and Yale style keyway – although with no holes through the warding – and see if I could make it a fairly challenging lock. I’m happy with the result: a crappy feeling lock with difficult feedback.

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Binding Quest

A simpler challenge lock with old and new concepts mixed into a fun little package. Don’t let it deceive you, it still is an evil and difficult Quest.

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Springy Bast3rd

For me, making Challenge Locks is not only about making fun new challenges for other lockpickers, but also for testing and innovating new security ideas. Although not completely successful in all the ideas I wanted to integrate in this lock (and you’ll see why once you gut it), the main innovation I seeked to implement in this lock promises to change the way feedback is perceived. Springy Bast3rd will test your patience and resolve, more than your skill.

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