Author: PeaceWeapon

Nail Biter

A concept that waited a long time to be realized, bitting nails is quite literally what this lock will have you do. Care, patience and precision are key, or should be. This creator hasn’t been able to pick it yet… If you’re brave enough, give it a go. And try picking it both bible up and bible down. It will not be the same experience. You might find it… “easier” in one configuration… Or maybe just deceivingly so…

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Hand Filed Madness

My first challenge lock (finished Dec 13th 2020), I had no power tools to make it. So I worked day and night, like a madman, shaping a brass rod with nothing but a bolt cutter and some files. There’s no theme to the innards except for having been made using files. I did what the lock demanded. Have fun with the child of my hand filing madness.

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