Author: PeaceWeapon

Angry Pimple

A tiny 4 pin dimple challenge lock. It will watch your picking attempt with threatening rage.

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Marc 6

Being the 6th challenge lock in my portfolio, I decided to stray from the good quality base lock (like the previous Corbin, Wilka, Gege and Lockman) and use a medium low quality of cylinder, with average tolerances and Yale style keyway – although with no holes through the warding – and see if I could make it a fairly challenging lock. I’m happy with the result: a crappy feeling lock with difficult feedback.

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Binding Quest

A simpler challenge lock with old and new concepts mixed into a fun little package. Don’t let it deceive you, it still is an evil and difficult Quest.

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Springy Bast3rd

For me, making Challenge Locks is not only about making fun new challenges for other lockpickers, but also for testing and innovating new security ideas. Although not completely successful in all the ideas I wanted to integrate in this lock (and you’ll see why once you gut it), the main innovation I seeked to implement in this lock promises to change the way feedback is perceived. Springy Bast3rd will test your patience and resolve, more than your skill.

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Nail Biter

A concept that waited a long time to be realized, bitting nails is quite literally what this lock will have you do. Care, patience and precision are key, or should be. This creator hasn’t been able to pick it yet… If you’re brave enough, give it a go. And try picking it both bible up and bible down. It will not be the same experience. You might find it… “easier” in one configuration… Or maybe just deceivingly so…

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Hand Filed Madness

My first challenge lock (finished Dec 13th 2020), I had no power tools to make it. So I worked day and night, like a madman, shaping a brass rod with nothing but a bolt cutter and some files. There’s no theme to the innards except for having been made using files. I did what the lock demanded. Have fun with the child of my hand filing madness.

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