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Le Raton

This Challenge Lock was made per request for a member of the Lockpickers United community, a french locksmith with the username “Raton” (raccoon). Thought making a lock mimicking the name and appearance of a Raccoon would be fun. Unfortunately, I got too excited and may have made this too difficult to pick… We’ll see…

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“Top MARKS” Yellow Bird MkI

This is a commercially available Marks Metro cylinder, mainly focusing on pins being able to present the challenge without modification to the lock body. These are 5 of the first ten pins I made, and I left it a little bit vulnerable in one specific place.

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DOMt DARE – Doubt, Dread, Despair

This Challenge Lock Set was created for the 2022 Lockpickers United Raffle, as part of a pot that includes material to make challenge locks.

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It’s a race to get this lock picked around the world… Ready? Set… GO!

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petit laitón (the smallest challenge padlock)

This is the smallest challenge padlock in the world. Base is a KASP 12515. Same size as the ABUS 65/15. This challenge lock is not supposed to be hard.

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Drinks Time

This Challenge Lock came about from an idea that blind sided me one afternoon whist sitting around picking a couple of locks & having a couple of drinks, All if not most of the pins are Homemade pins,

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Angry Pimple

A tiny 4 pin dimple challenge lock. It will watch your picking attempt with threatening rage.

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Marc 6

Being the 6th challenge lock in my portfolio, I decided to stray from the good quality base lock (like the previous Corbin, Wilka, Gege and Lockman) and use a medium low quality of cylinder, with average tolerances and Yale style keyway – although with no holes through the warding – and see if I could make it a fairly challenging lock. I’m happy with the result: a crappy feeling lock with difficult feedback.

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7 Deadly Sins. 7 Heavenly Virtues.

These CLs are a pair. Each has 7 pins full of nasty surprises. 7HV has a V7 core. 7DS has a restricted Lockwood core.

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This CL was made for an intermediate picker who has never picked a Challenge Lock before. As such, it’s not too difficult however will put up somewhat of a fight.

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