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First challenge lock for my blue belt. It’s based on a standard SC4 keyway.

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Tea Bagging

This is my 3rd challenge lock. This is a creative designed from the concept of tea bagging.

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Deep Marks

This is my first attempt at making a challenge lock. Different cut pins, serrated pins, traps, and normal pins.

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Lucky #7

An unbranded mortise cylinder with a schlage keyway core with an atypically high pin count, high lifts, and my first go at turning pins.

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Bad Broach

A KIK cylinder that I bought that was defective. The key way was broached wrong no SC key would fit unless you took off material on the bottom. I took an SC4 key and made it fit, then I cut it to the bitting 151457. My zip code and a 7. Because the key sits low, I needed to use larger key pins and even needed to file a couple down. The key will work in any SC4 lock with the same bitting. Loaded it up with some hand turned driver pins.

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Ilco lock, Schlage C key way, Pinned 7. Key hand cut 7 from a SC4 blank. Bow cut back with a Dremmel, side milling extended. Then used space and depth keys + a Lishi tool to cut the bittings. Bible was drilled and tapped for set screws. Custom key pins and drivers were turned on the Dremmel with needle files. I never thought to make it a Travel Bug till explaining caching to a customer. Tracking number stamped on the lock and a tag on the key.

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A batch of CLs themed after the Narruto Shippuden Akatuski. This lock is themed after Deidara an explosion Jutsu user… plenty of torpedo pins to enjoy in this lock.

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A CL lot themed after Naruto Shippuden

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A set of CL locks themed around the Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki. This lock is themed after Kisame Hoshigaki

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