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Step-locks is a Challenge Lock duo locked in a chest, pick the padlock to show that you have the skill and have fun with them! 1 is a dimple named “Big sis” 2 is a PT named “Lil bro”

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Not A Challenge Lock (NACL)

#.5 I was messing around with making pins for the first time and just threw them in a lock. I already knew what my first true CL would be and this was just messing around. 19 modifications.

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REG’D Pain Mail

I recieved my first REG’D a while back from StarryLock and really enjoy it. This is not the lock from Starry. This REG’D was broken, I fixed it and made it hopefully a little better and even more fun.

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Green Boots

Green Boots is a Shlage Everest CL. It was named after the unidentified climber in neon green boots who’s body was and might still be used as a landmark for climber’s on their way to the peak. The bag it comes in was sewn by a family member from Tibetan prayer flags. These flags litter the peak of Everest, left there by brave sherpas.

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Beginner’s Luck

DescriptionMy first challenge lock. Built in an American 1100. Contains 5 pins.CreatorLPU Discord: MadIan#9897 Youtube: @madian4032About the CLKey pin & driver pins, were cut from stock American lock #7 key pins. Serrations, tapers, spools. Some threading of the lower and upper pin chambers. Some shitty overmilling on a couple of lower chambers.Lockpicker:Sent to @ravenrules99Location: Builder Location: United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis

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Lock Lobster #1

Unassuming Schlage mortise lock in a tidy little box. This is my submission for blue belt and should have sufficient modifications to qualify: engraving (1 pt), core countermilling (1 pt), and at least four custom driver pins (4 pts), adding to a score of no less than six.

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This Master Series 6835 was sent to me in a group of CLs with its name engraved deeply into its body. After getting it. Open and gutted it was found be filled with 5 pairs of standard pins. I reached out to the friend who sent it and we figured it’s best I make it a real Cl and keep it moving.

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“Who put Bella down the Witch Elm?” is graffiti that appeared in 1944 following the 1943 discovery by four children of the skeletonised remains of a woman inside a wych elm in Hagley Wood, in Worcestershire, England. The victim—whose murder is estimated to have occurred in 1941—remains unidentified, and the current location of her skeleton and autopsy report is unknown. Many theories have been shared from a result of witchcraft all the way to the unidentified victim being a nazi informant. The graffiti implies some know the victims name and likely much more. Since at least the 1970s, similar graffiti has sporadically appeared on the Hagley Obelisk near to where the woman’s body was discovered, which asks again and again, “Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?” Perhaps we won’t ever unlock the secrets to this case, but you might be the right detective to crack open this lock.



Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already out now in September, so it’s time for Elvira’s coffin to creak open. I’d grade her as a blue level pick. Figure out the evil that lurks inside her and earn your right to sign her logbook.

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