Nest #1

Sc1 keyway, 6 pinned, 3 custom driver pins, 3 custom key pins, all 6 chambers have serration. Tops of each chamber has hex screw caps for easier removal of springs driver and key pins.

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Description . Creator W.S.P., created on 2019-01-18 About the CL . Lockpicker Picked by Shaun Padt, no vid Location Current Location: Sydney, Australia

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BRUTUS the First

Description The first challenge lock made by Pompey Picker Creator Pompey Picker About the CL . Lockpicker Picked by Shaun Padt, no vid Location Current…

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Some pin modification with top of the keyway modified to reduce the ability for a TOK wrench to be used.

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Born 8/15/21 over the course of a single day. Uses the body of an Abus 83 series padlock. Gets its name from the red wine of the same name, utilizing the Nebbiolo grape. This explains the creator’s name and the engraving adorning the lock.

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Salsa Verde

The “Salsa Verde” is a standard Kwikset rim lock cylinder from Home Depot. The key is unmodified; the only modifications are to the pins, core shell, and plug.

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Creator Plazz7 Discord: Plazz7#8703 Reddit: u/plazz7 About the CL The body is stock with the exception of a few threaded core chambers. All of the…

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Yale Be Sorry

Made from half a 6 pin Yale Euro Cylinder, and modified for easy access.

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Tomato killer

Yale 998 ga keyway … 6 pins of pain

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ABC’s #1

This is my first CL.

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