Sumfing Fishy

This challenge lock was one of the prizes in the Fish Picks giveaway. See

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Angel 1

Description A 72/40 with driver-pin modifications Creator HellAngel About the CL This is my first challenge lock, it was quite the challenge for me since…

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Humble Beginnings

Schlage core with modifications made to the pins with a dremel and fine files.

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My first CL sent to mugatu68, he got it open the first day but I’m just happy to be part of this!

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Modified 1100 lock. Took stock pins and filed them down.

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Pull to Eject

The lock is within an American Lock 1105 body. The color and the fact it has a shackle reminds me of ejector handles. Includes the two factory keys.

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The Magician

You won’t need a magical pick to make all key pins go “click” Turn it around until you have found a way to finish the trick.

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My first challenge lock. I bought a Dremel tool and a vice just for this occasion. This started as a basic 5-pin Kwikset. It is no longer basic.

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5 pin Mortise cylinder,KW keyway.

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Feed Your Sneed

Better get out your fancy German lockpicks for this one

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