Seasons change, people live and die, locks get picked. Zen.

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Demon Core

Packed full of evil this once humble lockwood oval seeks worthy challengers

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AL1105 with some engravings, self-cut key, all pins made from scratch, and one other little trick in the core 😉

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Angel 4

Another double challenge lock to continue the series.

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La petite mort (world tiniest CL)

World tiniest challenge lock wants to meet you. A cute little 3-pin devil that you might not be afraid of at first glance, but that will surely bring you sleepless nights! Little lock but big amount of fun 🙂

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Assa 700 lockbody with some nasty modifications. Keyway blocker and anti-tension mechanisms such as a new type of security driver are just some of his features. It’s a beast designed to be unpickable and to break every lockpickers self esteem. It is his desire to see this moment when all hope leaves the body and hate is building up. He also loves to break picks and tools in general. Try at your own risk!

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HULK’s ugly brother

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#1 by Moon

It has few surprises, some not so obvious as other. But should be manageable once you understand them all.

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Angel 3

A modified dom plura double-CL with custom pins (2 halfs)

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Challenge lock #4. Five pin Schlage KIK cylinder.

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