iLco RU45 Deville

How bad can it be? Heavily modified guts with a hidden surprise! This is one of two that I made for the community.

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Tryout for my first Dimple CL.

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Rusty’s babby

An exploration on the human element.

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Second Chances

This started as a super corroded lock I got with no key at ReStore for 50¢. I picked it, cleaned it up, gave it new pins, and cut a new key. I also documented the process in a video for YouTube

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In my life

Pinned on 01-02-2020 Named after a song by The Beetles. It’s a Dorma 7-pin with a lot of customization.

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My first challenge lock. Made from a 20 year old Litto lock.

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Description CL made with Yale Superior (9pins & 4sliders) Creator Wszobak30 About the CL Need shims for gutting Lockpicker yabende – picked Location…

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Hand Filed Madness

My first challenge lock (finished Dec 13th 2020), I had no power tools to make it. So I worked day and night, like a madman, shaping a brass rod with nothing but a bolt cutter and some files. There’s no theme to the innards except for having been made using files. I did what the lock demanded. Have fun with the child of my hand filing madness.

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Modified “HardHead” 7-pin ), Pin tumbler lock. – Two different bitted keys, both working. – Hex nuts for easy re-pinning. – 7 intermediate hand made pins. Would say it is a green/blue belt in difficulty.

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