Isle of Roke

My only challege lock based around a padlock. In this case an Abus 72/40. No Image

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The Pick Abuser

6 pin core with custom key, also includes some pins made by HVLogic.

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This CL is not for the faint of heart! Forged in hellfire by 3 pickers, you must undergo three trials to acquire ultimate power!

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Amazing lock, with Schlage style keyway, subtle feedback, and a few nasty traps!

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Jera Scorpion

Jera is the Norse rune engraved on the lock. It means both “year” and “harvest” or “reward”. Hence, the reward that comes after a long time.

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Silent Killer

Entry level challenge lock, more or less a one trick pony.

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Panda Frog I

This is my first Challenge lock. I created this out of an Abus 72/40, a power drill, sandpaper and a file. After the creation i…

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