How it all started
It all started when Artichoke2000 (a.k.a Vegemite2000 among Australian company) admitted he had never tried Vegemite, so was promptly bullied into buying a jar from Amazon. After receiving the jar, Artichoke2000 still needed some encouraging to try the delicious nectar, so spacenut1 founded the #VegemiteLocksportClub by eating a teaspoon of Vegemite and picking a lock. The challenge was eagerly taken up by Australian members of the locksport community and those wishing to acquire the title of honorary Australian.

Despite the encouragement, Artichoke2000 still hasn’t joined the club, or even tried Vegemite as far as anyone is aware.

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002Average life of princeYoutubeAustralia11/Dec/2021
004Pocket WomenYoutubeAustralia11/Dec/2021
009Zachary AlvernazYoutubeUSA20/Dec/2021
010Jon LockYoutubeGermany31/Dec/2021

Special MentionsProofCountryDate
Chris Capune and Slinky the cat for their adorable and brave attempt.Video 1
Video 2
Zachary Alvernaz for doing the challenge a second time while simultaneously entering the #1MillionScovilleLocksportClub.YoutubeUSA27/Dec/2021

Eat a teaspoon of Vegemite and pick a lock.
Australian locks are preferred but not compulsory.
If this is your first exposure to Vegemite, consider trying a normal serving first. It’s pretty nice when applied sparingly on toast.
To get your name added to this list, comment on spacenut1’s video or find him on Discord.